Greengage releases second Future Insights report on sustainable investing

With sustainability one of the key themes at UKREiiF, our partner Greengage has launched a second edition of their Future Insights report discussing investment professionals' views on sustainability in the built environment.

Manchester at UKREiiF partner Greengage has launched a second edition of their Future Insights report discussing sustainable investment.

The first edition of their report covered the sustainability priorities of key players in the construction and built environment industry. Now, the second edition explores leading investment professionals’ views on sustainability and how it is driving investment decisions.

The report aims to reveal trends investors believe will boost or hold back opportunities in the future alongside the risks they face today.

Mitch Cooke, Greengage Founding Director and Head of ESG says “This report will begin to help us all gain a better understanding of sustainable investing and the specific opportunities it provides for the built environment and any challenges we may need to address."

You can read and download the report here.

Sustainability is a leading theme at UKREiiF for 2023 and a huge concern amongst built environment professionals and investors.

Greater Manchester has a science-based target to be net zero by 2038, twelve years ahead of the UK Government target, meaning that the environment and sustainability are at the heart of all future development propositions. Greater Manchester's local authorities, private sector partners and more are coming together to create a more sustainable approach to the built environment for future generations.

Greengage will be joining the Manchester delegation at UKREiiF. Make sure you arrange to talk to them about their findings at The Canary, The Manchester stand, throughout the event.

For more information about how to join the Manchester delegation, learn about our packages here.