The people who make the place. The place that shapes the world.

2019 will mark the 20th year that Manchester, UK has exhibited at MIPIM. To mark this anniversary, the Manchester at MIPIM Partnership will launch a new campaign to put the city’s people at the heart of the city’s MIPIM activity.

Having first exhibited at MIPIM back in 2000, Manchester’s attendance has grown steadily along with the event. Today the Manchester at MIPIM Partnership is one of the largest and most established city partnerships in attendance.

Now for 2019, a redesigned Manchester Pavilion will place the people front and centre in a new approach to telling the city’s story.

Filmed and photographed against the backdrop of Manchester’s unmistakable aesthetic, the people who make the place that shapes the world will a see a diverse cast of people who live, work and invest in Manchester brought together to create a snapshot of the modern city.

Through a series of life-size living portraits, thought-provoking soundbites, and short films, the Manchester Pavilion will show delegates the human endeavour, engagement and creativity that breathes life into the vast expanse of development opportunities across the city.

This will all be supported by a new design for the Pavilion which will move away from a traditional exhibition pod layout, creating a space where people can gather, meet and start new conversations.

In this way Manchester plans to challenge some conventions of destination marketing, and to open important conversations around issues of infrastructure, housing, and sustainability to name a few.