Oldham's vision for the future

Ahead of attending UKREiiF with The Manchester Invest Partnership, learn more about Oldham's bold plans for the future and why it is the place to invest, develop and grow.

Our time is now. We’d love to show you why and where Oldham is the place to invest, develop and grow.

We’re building a place for today and tomorrow’s living, work and leisure. And our innovative public-private partnerships mean it’s coming on stream in front of our eyes right now.

Take a look at Manchester’s most exciting Borough, where opportunity, value and sustainability come together in a new approach to meet investors, local people and workforce needs:

  • 2,000 new urban homes in partnership with a world-leading developer - bringing the Muse magic to our placemaking in the centre of town.
New homes to be delivered by Muse

  • A diverse, young, educated and committed workforce – 18% growth in 10-15 year-olds and 13% more 5-9 year olds creating the workforce for the future

  • A sustainable place for the future – Greater Manchester’s greenest borough with a spectacular urban linear park, big name leisure and hospitality group creating north Manchester’s best street food offer, and transformed public realm through our multi-million secured #GreenOldham funding
Linear Park

  • 24 acres+ central brownfield sites remediation and repurposing – from iconic historical and cultural assets to cutting edge new spaces for business, and the right housing mix for a fast-growing population

  • New jobs now, a workforce for the future: Retail is coming back here. We’ve redeveloped Spindles shopping centre, offices and our sparkling new market builds out in 2025. Footfall is soaring with 1,000+ extra visitors daily, all served by modern tram and bus stops and centres and ample clean and safe parking. As jobs are created, we’re partnering with world-renowned Eton College and Star Academies, with leading edge school buildings add another dynamic into our town centre mix

  • Infrastructure for Green-tech, digital and net-zero supply chain growth: leveraging our low-cost investment opportunities with brand new central Hive space for start-ups, micro-business and SMEs; a Green Shoots Centre for eco-entrepreneurs and fast-growth business, and the pioneering Atom Valley Mayoral Development Zone targeting 20,000+ new jobs

  • A new town centre for today’s leisure landscape. Giving families, young people, and today’s conscious consumers a vibrant place enjoy evenings, nights and weekends. Town centre festivals and events, a new food offer from the Northern Hospitality Group, indoor and outdoor events spaces, green routes and a park for cycling and walking. With a Taskforce led by night-time economy Tsar Sacha Lord, we’re co-creating a vision for people living, working and visiting here.

  • We’re the dynamic borough of the UK’s most popular growth region. Central Manchester’s universities, international airport, national rail hub, legendary bars, clubs and music are just 25 minutes’ away by tram, bus and via the Oldham Way - one of the few direct roads into its legendary centre

  • Hidden Gems on the edge of the Pennines: and alongside our Borough-wide building and creative business infrastructure investment, we have a 50-mile countryside playground route for walking, hiking and cycling. Stylish villages, stunning landscapes and fresh air make it Greater Manchester’s most beautiful spot for day breaks and weekend leisure

  • More well-being, active leisure and green visitor propositions are being created within a short hop of our town centre, through our unique Northern Roots destination. At 160 acres, it will be the UK’s biggest urban farm and country park, and another anchor in our landscape as Manchester’s greenest borough

In our 175th year as a borough, we’re building on our world-leading industrial, cotton mills history with a partnership placemaking plan for today’s populations. We have a proud past and an even brighter future, and we’d love you to join us on the journey.

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