Engineered to thrive - Civic Engineers Support Manchester at UKREiiF

Civic Engineers are looking forward to supporting Manchester at UKREiiF as the firm, founded in Manchester, celebrates its 10th birthday.

Civil, structural and transport engineers, Civic Engineers are looking forward to supporting Manchester at UKREiiF.

Credit: Martin Moss, Natural England

Founded in Manchester and now with a team of over 150 across studios in Glasgow, London and Leeds, the practice is celebrating 10 years of being known as Civic Engineers. Set up with funding from The Growth Company, it seems apt that the long standing relationship with Marketing Manchester continues and they’re part of this year’s delegation.

From the incredible Mayfield Park to Citu’s innovative Climate Innovation District; the retrofit of the recently completed former Shell-Mex HQ, 80 Strand in London to the transformational Glasgow Avenues project; the practice continues to put climate sensitivity at its heart, helping to create healthier, more climate resilient buildings, neighbourhoods and cities. To find out more visit civicengineers.com

Join the Civic Engineers team in partnership with Hawkins Brown on the Newsroom Stage on Wednesday, 17th May at 3.30pm for a panel called ‘Designing from District to Doorknob’ which will focus on the realities of designing for Net Zero.

Learn more about Civic Engineers by visiting their website or by arranging a conversation with them on the Manchester stand at UKREiiF.