Why We Do Business in Manchester

  • 13th March 2024
  • 11:00—11:45
  • The Manchester Stand


Phil Marsden Headshot
Phil Marsden
Managing Director - North West, Muse
Audrey Peers Headshot
Audrey Peers
Head of Business Development – Strategic Partnerships, MIDAS
Victoria Quinlan Headshot
Victoria Quinlan
President – Europe, Cortland
Daren Whitaker Headshot
Daren Whitaker
Founder and Chairman, Renaker
Liz Hamson Headshot
Liz Hamson
Editor-in-Chief, BE News


In this session some of the city’s most active developers and investors get together to share with us their reasons for choosing Manchester, what they see as the key opportunities ahead and how the city can continue to facilitate success.

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