The Economy of Culture

  • 14th March 2024
  • 11:00—11:45
  • The Manchester Stand


Randel Bryan Headshot
Randel Bryan
Executive Director, Factory International
Jessica Koravos Headshot
Jessica Koravos
President, OVG International
Joanne Roney CBE Headshot
Joanne Roney CBE
Chief Executive, Manchester City Council
Andrea George Headshot
Andrea George
Co-Founder, Republik of Ideas


Culture is part of Manchester’s DNA.

It brings huge value to the city in visitor numbers, defines the city as a tourist destination and underpins both jobs and training in the Arts of all kinds.

How does it benefit brands and businesses as well as Manchester as a city?

Hear the inside story on Manchester’s biggest new cultural offerings including - Factory International at Aviva Studios.

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