How Sports Unlocked Regeneration and Community Opportunity for Manchester

  • 12th March 2024
  • 15:30—16:15
  • The Manchester Stand


Cllr. Bev Craig Headshot
Cllr. Bev Craig
Leader, Manchester City Council
Marty Edelman Headshot
Marty Edelman
Member of the Executive Committee, City Football Group and Executive Chairman, Manchester Life
Liz Hamson Headshot
Liz Hamson
Editor in Chief, BE News


This ‘in conversation’ session will explore how the alignment of aspiration between Manchester City FC and Manchester City Council has brought huge investment in world class facilities matched by on-field success.

A run-down of what has been delivered over the last decade, the impact this has had on the surrounding area in terms of jobs and adjacent development and who led that – was it the city or the club?

Update on the new stand and hotel and what that will mean for the Club and the city region and how it links in with the new entertainment arena.

And what’s next? Is there anything else left to do? Are there further growth opportunities?

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