Dear Partner,

As a longstanding MIPIM exhibitor, Manchester at MIPIM has built an incredibly strong and respectable brand. The Partnership maintains an impeccable reputation for behaviour and will continue to do so with your help.

Manchester at MIPIM fully adheres to the MIPIM Code of Conduct, which is linked here for your reference. It specifies that inappropriate behaviour, disrespect or harassment is not part of the MIPIM experience and should not be accepted from anyone.

By attending MIPIM, all those present agree to respect all individuals, onsite or online, regardless of their gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability or any other difference.

Manchester at MIPIM is committed to facilitating a safe and respectful environment for all present at the event. While at MIPIM, every member of the Partnership is an ambassador of Manchester and thus it is the responsibility of everyone present to ensure the Partnership maintains a professional reputation.

Disrespectful behaviour has no place within the Manchester at MIPIM Partnership and will not be tolerated from anyone present at the event. If you believe you have observed or experienced a violation of the MIPIM Code of Conduct, you are encouraged to report it onsite to a member of the MIPIM staff.


The Manchester at MIPIM team